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Attractions and Delicacies Around the Venue

1.  Tianmu Lake Natural Scenery

The Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden Scenic Spot is the first national AAAAA Class scenic area. As a core scenic area, it is a poetic natural essence in the Tianmu Lake Scenic Spot, which owns Filial Obedience Culture Garden, the Top-one Scholar (Zhuangyuan) Culture Garden, Stone Museum, Elf Kingdom, Butterfly Valley, Chinese Tea Island, etc.. The spot is surrounded by mountains and water and wins favors by mountains surrounding water and water reflecting mountains, which is with aqua lake surface rippling, islands scattering and lakeshore twisting and turning. Go on canoe on the lake and enjoy the wonderful scenic: mountains overlapping, water zigzagging, pines soughing, birds flying and beasts running, all these take you enter a fairyland-like and marvelous trip. The pleasure craft is a classic item in the scenic and could be for thousands of people to visit the Tianmu Lake at the same time.


2.  Wander the wooden

Bamboo paths stretch to the deep and serene, tourists wander in the picturesque scene, as Zheng Banqiao praised: “bamboo gentleman, stone nobleman, one-thousand-year friend, four-season spring”. Tianmu Lake Nanshan Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot enjoys the good reputation of “heavenly Nanshan Mountain, surreal bamboo sea”. 35,000 mu of bamboo sea is vastly distributed in the rolling hills. The Bamboo Culture Museum reveals the majestic momentum of the bamboo sea and long-standing history of the bamboo culture. The natural bamboo sea scenery is highly praised by tourists. The Bamboo Culture Park consists of three exhibition pavilions covering “products of bamboo”, “realm of bamboo” and “usage of bamboo”. Placing yourself in the bamboo sea, you will enjoy the elegance of bamboo.


2.  Tianmu Yushui Hotspring

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hotspring is located in Liyang city, Jiangsu province, adjoining to the Nanshan bamboo scenic spot of Tianmu Lake. It is a Grade AAAAA hot spring scenic spot in China, and the geothermal well situates on the south-west edge of Daibu Town volcanic basin. Open-air bubble pools are surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other. Benefiting from favorable nature advantage, the water keeps fresh and shows natural attractiveness by timely circulation. The bottom hole temperature of Yushui Hotspring is 43℃ and pH of the water is 7.99. It is a rare calcium bicarbonate-type hot springs with rich minerals, trace elements and special chemical compositions, so it values in medical and physiotherapy. Soaking in the hotsping, you could obtain a bright body with soft skin. It also helps to ease fatigue to maitain alive health. A total of 52 outdoor bubble pools are divided into 5 characteristic bubble pool areas including feeding pool, dynamic pool, lovers pool, unique feature pool and natural pool to meet the visitors’ different health needs. Tianmu Lake Yushui Hotspring was assessed as the first Grade AAAA Hotspring scenic spot of Yangtze River Delta by National Tourism Administration in 2010. It was rated as one of the top 10 hot spring in China by and became one of the excellent models of originally ecological and high-quality hot spring.