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Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submission is 15:00 June  14, 2019.

·         Abstracts must be submitted online. Please follow the rules and guidelines below before submitting your abstract.



Abstract Template

Title of Presentation [Times Roman Bold font 12 pt, centered]
(Session number,  Oral / poster )

Author11, Author22, Author33, etc. [Times Roman regular font 11 pt]

1Affiliation1 [Times Roman regular font 11 pt]


3Affiliation3, etc.

[Abstract text: Times Roman regular font 11 pt, width 14.5 cm, left-right justified]


A concise and informative description of the contents of the presentation is required.   The organizers of the CCMP-2019, welcome your abstract submission.  To ensure legibility and proper sorting, please adhere to this format and submit the abstract in either a pdf file, or in a MSWord file format.  Note that the presenter should be underlined.  


Best poster award

For promoting submission of excellent papers to the journals and improving the journals’ impact, the four journals of Institution of Physics (Chinese Physics Letters, Chinese Physics B, Acta Physics Sinica, and Physics ) will cooperate with the meeting committee to setup a best poster award.

The award will be given to 10 best posters which are selected by the conference conveners. The best posters will be awarded 1500 RMY each. If a best poster contains original research results published in the above four journals (please highlight the related contents in the poster), an addition award of 1000 RMY will be given. We wish you best luck!

We are looking forward your participation and support.