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Jun.27 2019

On-site registration(12:00-23:00),The hotel lobby

Jun.28 2019

Opening & Plenary Session

Parallel Sessions

Jun.29 2019

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions

Jun.30 2019

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions

Jun.28-30 2019




This conference covers the following main topics in condensed matter physics:

Session 1: Unconventional superconductivity (English Session)

Session 2:Strongly correlated systems and machine learning (English Session)

Session 3: Quantum computations and cold atoms (English Session)

Session 4:Twisted bilayer and multi-layer graphene systems(English Session)

Session 5:  Low-dimensional and artificial microstructure physics, topological quantum systems

Session 6:  Statistical physics and soft condensed matter physics

Session 7: Multiferroic physics and quantum magnetism

Session 8: Computational condensed matter physics and its applications